Saturday, 23 February 2013

Naughty Haul

When Ash Wednesday hit this year, I couldn't think of any better than to give up spending for lent. But, as the days drew longer and my new foundation started to run out, my lust for new products got the better of me and I went shopping. I know what you're thinking, I failed. I gave up too easily and I wasn't committed enough to stick it out. But, the feel of my card in the chip and pin device, carrying new bags home and being able to post a brand new haul for you guys... Damn, it's so good. I sound like Rebecca Bloomwood don't I?

Here's the items I purchased during my naughty haul:

I didn't buy too much, but it satisfied me all the same. 

Rimmel London True Match foundation in 201 Classic Beige - £6.99
Barry M nail polish in 296 Coral - £2.99
Denman D3 medium 7 row hairbrush - £7.09 (random price, isn't it?!)
2 True waterproof eyeliner - £1.99
Garnier Moisture Match 'Shine Be Gone' mattifying moisturiser - £5.99
Primark Home pillowcases - £1.80 each
Primark Home Elderflower and Champagne candle - £2.00

Now for the excuses behind the splurge; I've needed a new hairbrush for a long while now and I've been 'making do' with a cheap one for too long much to the dismay of my hair... my foundation and eyeliner both ran out the day before I went shopping... those beautiful pillowcases are pretty much impossible to resist and the candle was an impulse buy when queueing due to it's amazing scent. Am i forgiven? I didn't think so.

 I'm going to try out the Garnier moisturiser over the next few days and post my thoughts as part of my 'Tuesday Reviewsday' post!

In other news, I am still waiting on three of the items I purchased for my 100 followers giveaway to arrive! :( As soon as they do I will get the post up asap, I'm so excited to be doing my first giveaway!

Hope you're all having a great weekend.



  1. Good haul ! I heard a lot about the Denman brush !! Defo need to try that !

    I decided that when I reach up to 20 followers I will do a giveaway ! So follow me to enter the giveaway !! (:

  2. Mmmm green candles are one of my favourite scents! And I really want to try that foundation! Would love it if you could check out my blog and follow if you like it...

  3. Nice pieces!

    kisses and have a nice day,

  4. Great haul! Love those pillow cases x

  5. was sooo tempted to get the Rimmel foundation today but didn't have a colour light enough for me in the shop :( lovely haul! I would definitely have bought these little things too, I love getting home stuff from Primark they do such cute things!

    Katie xxx

  6. Great haul , I have those love heart bed covers! Love em x

  7. Well done on also reaching over 100 followers! I love the Rimmel foundation, the first time I wore it I got a few compliments saying my skin was looking nice so I hope it works for you too x

    January Girl ♥ Nails Inc + Eylure Giveaway ♥

  8. The Barry M polish looks nice!

    Kimberley x

  9. I'd like to try that foundation!
    Katie xx

  10. I love hauls like this :) I must say I do love the homeware section in Primark at the moment and the prints on here are so pretty.


  11. I also have the Denman Brush and I love it! Can't wait to see your review on the Garnier Moisture Match. :)
    Your newest follower,

    Crystal's Beauty Corner

  12. Aww you will have to do a review on the brush and let us know how it goes! Denman brushes are ment to be really good!!

    Pipp xx

  13. I cannot believe how cheap those pillowcases are from Primark! They are really cute too!

    I love those hairbrushes! This seems like a great haul, no naughtiness involved!

    E x

  14. Lovely haul)) I want to try this Rimmel foundation, and you are so lucky to have Barry M, I love their nail varnishes)

  15. Bought this foundation on the weekend as part of a 2 for 1 offer. Am yet to try it yet though!!

  16. I always wear Barry M coral over the summer period, looks great on the toes.



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