Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Garnier Moisture Match - Shine Be Gone Mattifying Cream

I featured this Garnier moisturiser in my naughty haul on Saturday, so as promised, here is the review!

As I've previously mentioned on this blog, my skin type is combination, I have a oily T-Zone but dry skin on my cheeks. Therefore, when it comes to moisturisers I need something which can provide an effective solution for both, something to combat oil but moisturise dry patches at the same time. I really struggle with finding a good moisturiser to serve this purpose well, and have tried many which are only capable of one of these, despite claiming to do both.

I spotted Garnier Moisture Match on a point of sale in Boots on Saturday, and at only £5.99 thought 'why not' and chucked it into my basket. The cream claims to mattify and reduce shine to leave your skin looking more uniformed. Great, I thought, so I read on. Moisture Match is a new range which consists of 4 tailor made moisturisers, designed to suit different skin types. 'Shine Be Gone' promises to fulfil the following; quick to absorb, mattifies all day long and reinforces the skin's barrier function helping your skin to maintain its level of hydration.

Let's put it to the test...

Shine Be Gone smells amazing, it's a light clean scent which feels gorgeous to rub into my skin. When I first squeezed the bottle I was surprised at the formula, as it feels like an oily cream and not something you would usually buy for combination skin. The cream is really lightweight and rubs in really easily.

Once applied, it sunk in almost immediately and applying makeup over the top was easy. It mattified my forehead to a certain extent, but I was still reapplying powder after 5 hours of first applying my makeup. A little disappointing, but I think I'm coming to the conclusion that there just isn't a product out there which can completely combat oil!

The best thing about this moisturiser is the price. At only £5.99, (and I spotted it in Superdrug today on offer for £3.99!) it is such good value. Even if you already own a few moisturisers which do the trick for you, consider picking up one of these Moisture Match's and using it for a spare. Shine Be Gone gets the thumbs up from me.

Can you reccomend any good moisturisers that I should try?



  1. Great review! Quick question: does it contain any SPF?

    1. Ah I forgot to mention that! No it doesn't :(, the only major downside! x

  2. thanks for the review! may have to invest:)


  3. I have the same skin type as you, might have to give this a go :)


  4. The best way I've found around this is to use 2 different moisturisers! I use the No7 beautiful skin Dry/Normal for my day cream & the No7 beautiful skin Oily/Normal at night. It works great!

  5. I know it's expensive, but I swear by all my Clarins skincare. I have the hydrating mosituriser and I've used it for months.

    Unfortunately I'm allergic to quite a few mositurisers so I'm very picky,but I'd love to try a more affordable brand like Garnier.

    Cute blog post, I'm following :)



  6. Your skin sounds very similar to mine. I have tried sooo many and it's hard to find the right one. Right now I'm using simple Cera Ve moisturizer and oddly enough is just what I need! I will have to try this out as well! Thanks for sharing!

    SarahSee. Beauty

  7. my skin always get's really oily so i'll have to try this!

  8. I really want to try one of these, although I think I'd need one of the more hydrating ones! :)

    Pip x


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