Sunday, 3 February 2013

Nails on Sunday

I'm really into nail art and painting my nails, and as I had lots of lovely comments on my last nails tutorial, I thought I would make it a regular post. I needed a name for my new regular post, so after a long think, Nails on Sunday was born!

Today I have painted my nails a marine Blue-ish colour, with Green Glitter over the top. To achieve this look, I used the following:

Bourjois 1 Second Nail Polish Remover
4 in 1 Nail file / buffer / smoother / polisher
Nails Inc nail polish in 'Basil Street'
Models Own nail polish in 'Dancing Queen'
Topshop nail polish in 'Blue Monday'
Sally Hansen 'Hard as Nails' top coat
Nail polish remover pen

Firstly, I took off my previous nail polish using the Bourjois 1 Second Nail Polish Remover. I cannot recommend this product any higher, please see my previous blog post for the review! I used my 4 in 1 buffer to file my nails into an oval shape, then buff and smooth the surface. 

Using Nails Inc Basil Street, I painted one coat as my base to smooth out any creases I had missed and protect my nails from staining.

I used Topshop nail polish in Blue Monday for the colour, painting two coats to ensure good pigmentation on the nail.

To achieve the little glitter sprinkle look, I painted two coats over the top of Models Own Dancing Queen. If you want more glitter on the nail, add another coat.. and another, until you reach your desired look.

I finished the look off with a coat of clear nail polish to 'polish' off the nail and went around the edges with my nail polish remover pen.

Did you enjoy this tutorial? Will you be having a go at this look?



  1. Lovely nails! X

  2. I've never used a colour as a base but I think I might try it. Your nails looks great!

  3. Hello from a new follower, can we follow each other?) I love this essie nail colour)))


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