Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bomb Cosmetics 'Love United' Candle

I so desperately want to do another haul blog post for you all but as I have given up spending for lent (and somehow am still abiding by it) I'm not buying any new things! :( For today, I thought I would share with you this gorgeous candle from Bomb Cosmetics that I picked up in December at the Clothes Show Live.

When I first saw their stand at the show I was intrigued as I had not heard of the brand before, but the lush-like aroma coming from their unit was enough to draw me in. I then discovered that Bomb Cosmetics is actually very similar to Lush, they sell bath melts, 'blasters' and handmade soaps.

As part of a £10 on-the-day-deal giftbag, I purchased this beautiful looking Love United candle. With floral notes and containing Rose and Jasmine essential oils, this candle smells incredible and even without burning it, the scent it leaves around my room just from sitting pretty on my bedside table is beautiful.

In a similar way to Lush, Bomb Cosmetics is kind of your one stop shop for a present for a beauty lover. I have just checked out their website and they sell 'Whoopie Blasters' which are essentially bath bombs which look like doughnuts... amazing! The tinned candles like this one all retail for a very reasonable £7.99 and if you are browsing I highly recommend you check out their teacup candles whilst you're there!

I don't even want to start burning this candle because I love the appearance of the top, but when I run out I think I will 100% be making a very large order from their website. (After lent... of course!)

This was not a sponsored post in any way, I purchased the candle myself and just wanted to share a beautiful new brand with all of my lovely followers :)

What do you think of this candle? Have you ever purchased from Bomb Cosmetics before? 



  1. I love bomb cosmetics, I have and use a lot of their products! Great blog I've nominated you for the Liebster award all the details about it are in my blog post in the link beneath xx

  2. Aww this looks so pretty! I haven't purchased anything from Bomb Cosmetics, but think I should soon! :)) Great post <3


  3. Hi Hannah, I have just discovered your blog and I'm totally addicted! Your blog is beautiful and I love your photographs. I want to read every post. Consider me your 100th member. congratulations.

    It would mean the world to me if you checked out my new beauty blog, and if you liked it, became a member.

    I can't wait for your feature post, and you deserve even more members!

    Hazel X

    1. Hi Hazel! I totally agreed with you as about this beautiful blog. Of course I have so many interests to buy some candle to fulfill my party as romantic way. If you really need the beautiful design of love candles for making your event more successful then go through on that.

  4. That is soo cute , I want one! X


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