Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tuesday Reviewsday - Trevor Sorbie Beautifully Straightened Smoothing Balm

Confession - I've had this product for ages now, I bought it in a large giftset because i liked the box and wanted the brush that came with it. However, it is only recently that I have actually delved into the other contents of the set, and doing so, I found this little beauty.

To start with, this product has a really thick formula, it isn't lightweight or 'thin' like some of the other serums  I have tried in the past. I have really long and thick hair, which is more than likely the reason why this balm works so well, because it isn't disappearing at the first sight of my hairdryer. Don't get me wrong, this doesn't weigh down my hair, it just feels like it is actually sinking in for once.

I like to run this through my ends before I start to blow dry my hair. Although the balm contains heat protection, I usually spritz my Charles Worthington Salon Finish Heat Defence Spray over my hair before.

The end result is similar to having your hair done professionally, it feels lightweight and is completely defrizzed. I really enjoy using this balm, and would without a shadow of a doubt recommend it to anyone with thick and/or long hair - but only use it on the ends, it's too thick and moisturising to apply further up or you may just end up rewashing your hair!

Have you tried this product?

Monday, 29 April 2013

Boots Haul!

I'm back! Fanfare please, my exams are over and my four year Business degree is now complete! I've had a few days off to relax (and shop) and now I'm back with lots of fresh posts for you all and a renewed enthusiasm for my blog :)

I popped into Boots this weekend and thought it was time for a treat. To my surprise (not a hint of sarcasm there), Boots were running a 3 for 2 offer, so I thought what better oppurtunity to stock up on some Soap and Glory products! 

I bought Scrub 'Em and Leave 'Em body buff, which is made from Babassu Oil, Sea Salt, moisturising JoJoba and Mandarin oils (yum!), Clean Girls body wash, one of my favourite S&G products, very musky scented and Hand Food, everyone's all time favourite hand cream.

I've recently had a little breakout on my chin which I can't tell if is down to the stress of exams or not, but to combat the scarring and general horrible redness I purchased No7 Beautiful Skin Purifying Exfoliator, which is designed for normal/oily skin and unblocks pores whilst deep cleansing and purifying your skin.

I then took a trip down to the makeup section, which is always dangerous. There wasn't a lot which caught my eye surprisingly, but I had been meaning to check out the new Models Own collections since they first hit the drugstores, so I picked my two favourites; one from the neon set in Pukka Purple, and one from the pastel scented set in Blueberry Muffin.

I got a heap of new clothes as well but I think I might put those into a seperate post? What do you think?

Friday, 26 April 2013

30 ways to save £1

Spent all of your money on the latest Essie nail colour?
Forever saving for that Rose Gold Michael Kors watch but not getting any closer to purchasing it?
Let me take you through my tips to save money!

Image via weheartit

I spotted Money Supermarkets 30 ways to save £1 blogger competition last night, and immediately had some personal tips that I wanted to share with you all! There's always times when we're a little short on money but desperate to buy new products, but there are a few smart tips that can be utilised to make a little amount of money stretch a long way!

If you have any tips, I'd love to hear them so please leave a comment below!

1.) Use up samples - whenever you receive one in a magazine, goody bag etc, retain it! It will come in handy!
2.) Cut open "empty" tubes. There is always more product in the bottle that you can squeeze out, so carefully cutting it open can grant access to another 3/4 uses!
3.) Keep nail polishes in the fridge to preserve shelf life!
4.) Use your student discount! I am the worst person at abusing my NUS card, but so many high street stores offer up to 25% off so make sure you always try!
5.) Google the product name of something you are lusting after to see if you can find it cheaper elsewhere.
6.) Similarly, you can use price comparison websites such as Money Supermarket to let them do the research for you!
7.) Sign up to newsletters on websites on websites you purchase from as they will often send out daily or weekly emails with discount codes
8.) Sign up to loyalty cards e.g. Starbucks card / Tesco Clubcard as they will send out personalised coupons for the products you buy!
9.) If you are purchasing online, google "insert shop name here discount code" as you may find a cheeky 10% or 20% off code to make your order cheaper
10.) Clean your makeup brushes regulary using a soft, mild shampoo as this will preserve them
11.) Purchase investment pieces which will last. This doesn't have to be a Chanel bag, buying a good quality hairbrush for £10 will last you 20+ years, instead of buying a £1 every six months
12.) eBay is a great way to find buy it now items which are 'seconds' of high street stores (e.g. Topshop) usually around half the price
13.) Search for misspelled eBay items (e.g Topshop blaxer" as there is less of a chance of others finding them meaning you are more likely to win the auction at a lower bid!
14.) Sell on eBay! We all have clothes / accessories that we don't wear anymore and have been resigned to the back of the wardrobe. Ask yourself if you're every going to want them again, and if not... sell!
15.) Download apps such as "myvouchercodes" which will show you offers such as 241 and 2 course for £9.99 for national restaurants chains and bars
16.) Walk or cycle to work... which will keep you fit too!
17.) Make a packed lunch the night before, I am amazed at how much of my wages is spent in Pret A Manger on my lunchs breaks, I may as well set up a standing order!
18.) If you work in an office, take a jar of coffee and a small bottle of flavoured syrup in with you to force yourself to stop going to Starbucks and grabbing that all important caramel macchiato before work
19.) Take a box of cereal to work to save money on breakfasts, £1.99 will go very far on a box compared to £2.99 a day
20.) Drink water instead of fizzy drinks, this will cut the calories and the money you spend! If you do not like tap water (like me) or it is undrinkable in your area, a Bobble self filtering bottle is a good investment!
21.) Empty out your purse every week or so and clear it of the pennies, two pences and 5 pence pieces. Put these into a jar and save up until it is full, when you can cash it out using those machines usually found in Tesco / Sainsburys. I did this last year and got £23.78 from the scrap change which ends up cluttering up my  bag!
22.) If you are into vintage fashion, charity shops can provide some great pieces at extremely low costs
23.) Shops such as "Newlife" take brand new clothes off big name brands and sell them on at a lower cost. Go with an idea of what you are looking for, and set a budget on how much you are willing to spend.
24.) When buying DVDs, check Amazon's "used section". Often the RRP may be  £12.99 but underneath it will say "6 used from £1.49". If you find a "used - excellent" DVD, this is essentially the same as a brand new DVD, minus the cellophane wrapping on the outside of the case!
25.) Look for dupe products - "Moonbeam" is a popular dupe for BeneFits bestselling "High Beam"
26.) If you are under 25, make sure you get a young persons railcard! 
27.)  If you are a major magazine lover like me, subscribe instead of paying each week / month for individual copies. LOOK magazine usually offer some pretty amazing gifts just for signing up, so make full advantage of them :)
28.) Don't sign up to "free 30 day trials" as they usually end in you forgetting to cancel them and the company making debits from your bank account without you realising. Some companies offer "free Topshop vouchers" and pretend you will get it after signing up to the free trial, but in reality the small print will stipulate that purchase is neccesary to receive your free gift.
29.) If you have a fringe or just want a really small bit off your ends, trim it yourself with some clean sharp scissors.
30.) Unless you are going blonde (in which I case I wouldn't advise this!), dye your own hair with home kits. The conditioners included in these kits are usually worth the price of the whole kit alone, and leave your hair feeling super nourished and shiny after the dying process.

What did you think of my tips?

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Travel Supermarket competition - Cocktails in NY

I've seen a few blog posts floating around in the last fortnight with competition entries for the Travel Supermarket Worldwide Wardrobe competition, and after looking into it myself, I knew I just had to enter! The prize for the competition is a trip to the destination and £200 to purchase the outfit!

New York is the number one destination that I would like to visit. I've always refrained from going in the past, as being under the legal drinking age there put me off. What would I do at night? I want to go to New York and have the full experience, bars included. What trip would be complete without martinis at the Campbell Apartment? I want to visit all of Blair and Serena's stomping grounds, including the best cocktails in the city! Last August I turned 21, and from that day I could not wait to get myself across the pond and over to the fashion capital of the world.

I based my outfit idea on current SS13 trends (studs and a bright Yellow colour block), but mixed in some classic staple items to keep it classy, New York City style! I love this River Island clutch as it is so verstatile, and I think it teams up perfectly with this tailored blazer, edgy ring and polished Black nails. The total cost of my outfit comes in under budget at £151.49. I don't think on this occassion more needs to be spent, the dress has a laser cut neckline so a chunky necklace wouldn't be suitable, and I think all of the pieces I have chosen work well together, without going over the top and adding more accessories.

If you want to enter the competiton, the details are available here. 

What do you think of my entry? Would you wear this? 

Wednesday, 24 April 2013


As previously mentioned, I've been saving these pictures from a recent trip to our very own capital city, for my final week of exams when I would not have the time to post every day. Highlights of this trip included a visit to the brand new & Other Stories store on Regent Street, an obligatory browse around Libertys and lust over the Diptyque candles, Russell Brand and Noel Fielding at the Royal Albert Hall and a cheeky McDonalds breakfast on the way back up the M1.

Checking out & Other Stories' amazing beauty section

Libertys <3

Lunch in Cafe Des Amis, Covent Garden and fun in Harrods' childrens toys department

Teenage Cancer Trust concert - Russell Brand and Noel Fielding at the Royal Albert Hall

Hot chocolate and a sausage sandwich on the tube afterwards

Motorway services breakfast!

Hope you're all having a good week!

Monday, 22 April 2013

April Wishlist

My wishlist for April has been on hold until the end of exams, because I've been trying to spend my time studying instead of shopping. That said, the temptation for an online browse has been too high and I have succumbed a few times to a quick (does an hour count as quick?) check of my favourite website's 'new in' sections, and several items have been saved until further notice.

As always, everything is linked for you to have a look at anything you take a fancy to!

I'm just about to start working full time again (I have already completed a placement year) so I am reviewing my current attire and trying to purchase smarter items instead of my usual casual university stuff. I couldn't quite believe that the Black Martley top above was from Jack Wills, as it doesn't follow suit with the rest of their collection, but I love it and it has been firmly on my wishlist for a while now.

Following on from this bid to polish up my look, I want to buy more statement jewellery pieces to jazz up a boring outfit on days where I don't have time to plan a whole look. Large costume jewellery esque necklaces are a great way to do this, and I am currently lusting over this one from Mango.

I already have a watch, but it's silver and doesn't go with all of my outfits so its use is fairly limited. I am currently on the hunt for both a large Gold one (my eye is drifting towards a certain Michael Kors one) and a smaller 'everyday' style one. I spotted this Marc by Marc Jacobs beauty on ASOS and I love how smart it is, without being too plain or boring.

My iPhone case is so tatty now due to constant wear and tear so I have been scouring online stores recently for a new one. Iconemesis is actually a brand I discovered through reading blogs, and their illustrated design cases are beautiful, if a little pricier than your average hard back cover.

Whilst browsing the Jack Wills website for the top, I also came across this beautiful floral quilt. No matter what season it is and how warm it is in my bedroom, I have to sleep under a duvet, and pretty ones always catch my eye. I'm trying to persuade myself that this is an amazing investment, as being reversible  it's pratically two for the price of one. Mmm, not fooling you either am I?

Ted Baker are my go to brand for everything. My handbag is filled with their accessories range, so it's no surprise that I love their clothes and shoes too. The Lissome heels above are beautiful and again perfect for taking an outfit from drab and boring to sophisticated and polished.

To this day I have still not tried an O.P.I nail polish. I know, I know, I'm a nail art blogger. I do own one of their crackle polishes, but I have just never bought into their brand for some reason. Well, things are about to change, and this Pink beauty is the reason why. Aptly named 'I Theodore You' and part of the Oz Great and Powerful collaboration, this gorgeous pastel shade will definitely be purchased very, very soon.

My wishlist wouldn't be complete without a kitchen product, as let's face it, I love all things homewares. This beautiful dish is by Emma Bridgewater and is quite possibly the cutest dish I have ever laid my eyes on. I wouldn't even want to use it in case of the oven burning the bottom and ruining the heart pattern!

What do you think of my wishlist? Is there anything on there that you are lusting over too?

Sunday, 21 April 2013

My final week of university.

Sadly for me, I am now in my final week of university. This is it. No more lectures, just one solid week of exams and then it's all over. It's very surreal and almost sad that my time as a student has come to an end. Whilst I would much rather spend this week on my blog, I think it's more important to knuckle down and spend every last second I have revising to achieve those all important final grades. But fear not, I knew this was coming and have saved some posts to keep you entertained in my absence.

A few weeks ago I made three trips to London in one week, so instead of bombarding you with posts back then, I saved a few of the pictures back for this very week. I've also scheduled a few beauty and fashion related posts so keep checking back to see what's in store!

I think my only revision break will be to watch the final episode of Broadchurch (anyone else addicted?). That for me is unmissable and there's no way I'm running the risk of finding out who the killer is through Twitter! I hope you understand and please wish me luck! It's going to be tough but I have a feeling that my good friend Starbucks will see me through!


Friday, 19 April 2013

How long does makeup last?

One of the beauty related things that I have never understood is why make-up doesn't have an expiry date on it. We all know that it does go off, but if you're like me, do you actually know when? Here's a little guide to help you out.

Image via weheartit


Foundations should be thrown away after three-four months, and if the tube or tub has a wide mouth, it will be even sooner as it is attracting more air-borne bacteria. Water based foundations can dry out quicker than this time period, but you can keep them fresh by adding a few drops of alcohol free toner to them and giving them a thorough shake to mix.


You are supposed to buy a new concealer every six months, to stop spreading the infection of bacteria and other infections across your face repeatedly. However, as long as it stored in a cool and dark place and properly sealed, concealer can last for up to twelve months.

Blusher / Bronzer

Powder blushers have the longest shelf life out of most cosmetics, and as long as they are stored in a cool, dry and dark place, can last up to 24 months. Cream blushes are much more prone to bacteria and germs so need to be used within six months.


Loose and pressed powders can also last up to 24 months, but if the colour changes or an odour develops then it belongs in the bin and it's time to repurchase.

Eye Shadows

As with blushers, powder eye shadows have a long shelf life and can last up to 2 years. Cream based eye shadows have a shorter expiry period, typically lasting up to eight months after opening. Always make sure you clean your brushes as this will prevent bacteria from spreading in the powder / cream.

Eye liner pencil / lip liner pencil

If stored and cared for properly, pencils can last up to a year. If the tip starts to go white or crumbly then throw it away. Always make sure you sharpen your pencils and then cleanse the sharpener to prevent bacteria from harvesting and spreading back to your eyes / lips.

Liquid eyeliner

Liquid eyeliners have a shorter shelf live than pencils, and only last for up to six months after the first use. 


If you have ever had any kind of eye infection, then you should dispose of your mascara immediately. Mascaras retain bacteria like no other cosmetic, so have a short shelf life of up to 6 months after the first use. You should never add water to your mascara to make it last longer, but you can try putting it into the fridge for a bit to loosen up the liquid inside.


Despite the colour rarely changing, experts advise that lipsticks should not be used after twelve months, even if they do look as good as new still. As with all makeup, lipsticks need to be stored in a cool and dark place to prevent them from melting or bacteria from multiplying.

Nail Polish

Whilst there are no chemicals in nail polishes which "go bad" after a certain time period, nail polishes usually discolour or start to crack and dry up after 18 months. If you want to preserve your nail polishes, you can try keeping them in the fridge as this slows down the drying out process.


Synthetic brushes need to be washed at least three times a month as oil and bacteria can get trapped between the bristles very easily. Natural bristled brushes need to be cleansed at least once a month. The best way to wash brushes is to use a mild or baby shampoo, and work the product through the bristles, ensuring they are deep cleansed. Brushes can last for years if they are properly looked after. Sponges should be washed at least once a week if they are used to apply makeup, and then thrown away as soon as the sponge starts to tear (usually after four weeks).

What did you think of this post? Do you have any other cosmetic preservation tips?

Thursday, 18 April 2013


It's safe to say that revision has taken over my life at the moment, but I have managed to squeeze in a few fun activities in the past fortnight.

Starbucks | Revision begins :( | New bracelets!

The Grand National bets that didn't win me anything | Treacle apple crumble | Train journeys

Pizza Express

More revision | NOTD Nails Inc in London Town | Having a revision break on Pinterest

Made in Chelsea is back! | Vintage sweeties | NOTD Rimmel Precious Stones & Black Out

After work cocktails in Las Iguanas | Amazing chocolate! | More train journeys

Miller & Carter with the girls


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Head over heels for Aperlai Shoes

They say that a dog is a man's best friend. Well, in my opinion, shoes are a woman's best friend.
I work as an Assistant Buyer within the footwear industry so luckily lusting over gorgeous heels or edgy loafers is an everyday activity for me.

Aperlai shoes epitomise sophistication and Avenue 32's current range is beautiful and very on trend for SS13, featuring exotic snakeskin prints, colour popping neons and eyecatching androgynous loafers. The brainchild of Parisian born Alessandra Lanvin, Aperlai are a bold brand based on structure, asymmetry and contrast, and have adorned the feet of Blake Lively, Keira Knightley and Kate Bosworth no less. I was impressed and it was love at first sight to say the least. I've picked three of my favourite styles from this seasons collection, and in true Here's One I Made Earlier style, made some moodboards with outfit ideas to go with them.

The Fluoro Annie Slingbacks are a signature piece from the SS13 collection, bang on trend and oozing sophistication with the almond clash against tangerine piping. I kept my outfit ideas similar to the colourscheme of the heel, neutral throughout with a pop of colourful nails or a clashing Blue silk cami.

These beautiful Snakeskin heels are my favourite pair of shoes from Aperlai. The gold hardware on the back of the heel adds instant fashion points whilst the shocking forest green colour and sharp lines keep it edgy. I would wear these heels with a crisp white lace blouse and nude leather jacket, patent black nails and a statement necklace for added cool this season.

Last but not least I have picked out these 125mm White / Nude cut out heels. Another signature piece, the colour palette of this pair make them wearable with almost outfit, statement or everyday. Royal blue and navy happen to be my favourite colours so I always take advantage of any oppurtunity to match them with a pair of shoes, so I've picked out a few pieces which would suit perfectly along with some statement accessories.

What do you think of Aperlai shoes?
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