Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Pancakes, pancakes and more pancakes

Yesterday was Shrove Tuesday here in the UK, or as it is more commonly known.. PANCAKE DAY!

A group of my friends and I all congregated at one of our apartments and stuffed our faces with lemon, sugar, cream and strawberries until we never wanted to look at another pancake ever again!

Today is Ash Wednesday, the start of lent, and I'm still undecided on what I am giving up!! I've loved reading everyone's 100 days spending ban posts, so I was toying with the idea of something similar, but I'm not very good at saving. As my father would put it, money burns a hole in my pockets and if I know I have it, I have to spend it!

Do you have any good ideas for me? xxx


  1. wow these look scrumptious, so many different toppings :D I had little mini chocolate chip ones and loved them :)
    Love Holly x

  2. Is that skittles on a pancake?! If so that's the best idea ever! I always think it would be a good idea to give up chocolate but I've already eaten some since yesterday :( x

    1. Nope, they're smarties! Haha just as amazing, we even dug out those little silver balls you top cupcakes with and used those too! Yum x

  3. Oh my god, I shouldn't have read this whilst trying to be healthy.

    I have a question...I recently watched a youtube vlog (Tanya & Jim's) and they were making pancakes and I thought they looked more like crepes...yours look similar. I am from Australia and grew up in the USA were pancakes a thick and I'm wondering is this how pancakes are in the UK, a little thinner than the typical "American style" pancake? Might be a strange question but I'm really interested to know!

    Great post! x

    1. I'm not too sure to be honest, I think it just depends on preference! I've never had pancakes that are really thick and fluffy, I always make them quite thin and crepe like!


    2. Interesting, I might have to give google a workout and see what I can find because I'm strangely interested...haha. I think you're probably right with the preference theory though!


  4. It looks so cute and good!!!


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