Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Jack Wills "Ladies Fragrance" Scented Candle

Hello everyone!

I wanted to share with you this beautiful candle that I picked up today in Jack Wills. For those of you who are unaware of this brand, Jack Wills is clothing / homewares brand that is based on 'preppy university attire' and is similar to Polo Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister.

This candle was less than half price in their sale, reduced to £10.00 from £29.50. It is the 'Ladies Fragrance' scent, and is most similar to their 'English Velvet' perfume. I had seen it previously in Jack Wills and my, oh my, it is the most amazing smell in the world! Hard to describe so you'll have to check it our for yourselves, but to sum it up in three words - it's very girly. It's a "clean" scent, but very floral and perfumey. 

The candle is handpoured in England and produces approximately 45 hours burning time. (Which I will never want to end!)

I would highly recommend checking this out, as for £10.00 I think it is an absolute bargain. The scent hits you as soon as you unwrap it's packaging (which is also beautifully simple, I must admit - encased in a Brown paper style cardboard box with a neat label on the front), so you know this is the type of candle that you can have on your bedside table and without even burning, it will instantly fragrance your bedroom.

Do you have any scented candles that you love? Leave a comment and recommend them to me, I love trying out new scents! xxx


  1. i saw this the other day full price...its lovely xx

  2. Scented candles are my fave!!! Yankee Candle is probably my favourite brand! They have millions of candles and smells! XX

    1. Yankee are my favourite as well... I'm in love with 'Loves Me, Loves Me Not', 'Fluffy Towels' and 'Clean Cotton'! This smells amazing though, you should definitely check it out xxx

  3. I picked this up on monday and has been burning away since! loveeeee it xx

  4. oh my gosh, I have the same candle (also picked up in the sale) AND the same rose bedding hehe. I agree, it's sooo beautiful and lovely. I really wish I'd have bought more! xx


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