Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tuesday Reviewsday - Essie Bikini So Teeny

Last Wednesday, for the first time ever, I purchased an Essie nail polish. Not just one though, five, after I found them on Fragrance Direct's website for the crazily bargainous price of one pound and ninety-nine pence. Hannah, who loves painting her nails and nail art, has never owned an Essie polish before? Indeed, this was my first purchase. I'm not sure why I have never bought into this brand before, but I have been satisfied with my Models Own, Nails Inc and Barry M and never felt the need to further explore the realm of the nail polish market. However, when I saw this offer, I jumped in head first and bought five new colours to try out.

Bikini So Teeny is more than likely a shade that you, your sister, your friend or a blogger you read already owns. A cult classic, if you will. This lilacy blue shade is very pretty, and perfect for Spring, so without further ado... here are my thoughts.

The brushes in Essie nail polishes are wider than normal, which is great for painting as you can cover your whole nail in one stripe. Seriously, it expands over the whole base of your nail and glides evenly along to leave a perfect coat with one stroke. The only other nail polishes I have ever used that do this are the Rimmel  London Lasting Finish polishes, with a specially designed "fatter" brush.

So, 20 strokes later (two coats on each nail), I had a full set of pastel talons. Another pleasant surprise from Essie was what I call the "setting time". This is how long it takes for the nail polish to dry and set on your nail, before you can touch them properly without fear of smudging or taking off the top shine. Drying and setting are very different things, and as a victim to painting my nails just before I go to sleep, I need them to set quickly to avoid nasty chips and creases on the polish when I wake up. Essie satsifies this need, so I am looking forward to continuing my relationship with them.

Overall thoughts? A great nail polish, chip free for three days and a beautiful colour which for once, I haven't already got a crazily similar version of. 



  1. isn't it just the prettiest of colours, i can't beleive they are £1.99 such a bargain! xxx


  2. I just got this as well! I love fragrance direct, cannot beat the prices! x


  3. so gorgeous! what amazing prices too!

  4. It's such a lovely color. I really like Essie polishes in general. :)

  5. Thats such a pretty nail varnish colour! :D
    Sofia x

  6. Just put my order in after reading this post!


  7. I've been lusting over this polish for months and months and months! I really need to just buy it! It looks sooo lovely



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