Wednesday, 10 April 2013

March Favourites

Truth be told, there a lot of products that I have been loving for the past month, some new, some old and some rediscovered. I love it when I forget I have something and then find it one day in my very messy beauty drawer, those are the sort of products which always squeeze their way back into my beauty routine and make me wonder why I ever surrendered them to "the drawer" in the first place! 

Now the seasons are starting to change, I'm about to dig out my old friend Nivea Tinted Moisturiser and say goodbye to the heavier foundation, but for March, Rimmel Match Perfection has been a saint to me.

I've been using Garnier Moisture Match in 'Shine Be Gone' (Review post here) first thing in the morning recently and I'm finding it actually works similarly to a primer, smoothening out my face and helping my foundation last longer. Thumbs up from me! 

If I'm honest, I am so bad at using heat protection spray, and with really long and thick hair, I know that makes me a very bad person! Charles Worthington Salon Finish Heat Protection Spray is one of those aforementioned products which was given a new lease of life after being pulled out of "the drawer" this month. I have been religiously using it for the last few weeks everytime I put a heated appliance anywhere near my hair. As an added bonus, it has a really nice scent, albeit very hard to pinpoint, I can't work out how to describe it!

BeneFit's Big Beautiful Eyes Contour Kit is another rediscovered product, but I am yet again loving it and it has made a firm re-entry into my everyday makeup bag. The eyeshadows in the palette are very versatile and wearable for an everyday look, and the Bo-ing concealer has come in very handy for under my eyes after a late night revising! (Not partying, sadly.) I've been applying it with my fingers - bad beauty blogger - as I lost the brushes :(

The Porefessional by BeneFit is described as a PRO balm to minimise the appearance as pores, and I think it does a fantastic job. I use it as a primer around my T zone and cheeks and it really does leave your skin with a flawless base ready for foundation. The only downside I have found is that I have to reapply it half way through the day as it does tend to 'slide' off the face, but this might just be due to my combination skin type.

Last but not least are these Hollister body sprays. Although I'm not really a body spray person -  I always use perfume instead - I have actually been using these a room sprays! So, I guess you could say I'm cheating putting these in my March Favouites, but hey, I never called it beauty favourites anyway! If you have ever visited a Hollister store before and admired the amazing smell that hits you when you walk through the doors, this is what they use, and boy does it smell good! As you can see I have had these a little while now and used both of them very heavily, but they're both gorgeous and I'm a little addicted!

Do you use / love any of the products I have featured?


  1. I've not actually used any of those products, but I've found myself falling back on neutral eye palettes, they're failsafe! I really need to branch out into a wider array of colours though.

    And that smell from when you pass Hollister? Wow. xx

  2. You've got few favourites here HUH? Hehe
    Feel free to check out my new post :)

  3. I love the hollister body mists, especially laguna beach! x


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