Monday, 22 April 2013

April Wishlist

My wishlist for April has been on hold until the end of exams, because I've been trying to spend my time studying instead of shopping. That said, the temptation for an online browse has been too high and I have succumbed a few times to a quick (does an hour count as quick?) check of my favourite website's 'new in' sections, and several items have been saved until further notice.

As always, everything is linked for you to have a look at anything you take a fancy to!

I'm just about to start working full time again (I have already completed a placement year) so I am reviewing my current attire and trying to purchase smarter items instead of my usual casual university stuff. I couldn't quite believe that the Black Martley top above was from Jack Wills, as it doesn't follow suit with the rest of their collection, but I love it and it has been firmly on my wishlist for a while now.

Following on from this bid to polish up my look, I want to buy more statement jewellery pieces to jazz up a boring outfit on days where I don't have time to plan a whole look. Large costume jewellery esque necklaces are a great way to do this, and I am currently lusting over this one from Mango.

I already have a watch, but it's silver and doesn't go with all of my outfits so its use is fairly limited. I am currently on the hunt for both a large Gold one (my eye is drifting towards a certain Michael Kors one) and a smaller 'everyday' style one. I spotted this Marc by Marc Jacobs beauty on ASOS and I love how smart it is, without being too plain or boring.

My iPhone case is so tatty now due to constant wear and tear so I have been scouring online stores recently for a new one. Iconemesis is actually a brand I discovered through reading blogs, and their illustrated design cases are beautiful, if a little pricier than your average hard back cover.

Whilst browsing the Jack Wills website for the top, I also came across this beautiful floral quilt. No matter what season it is and how warm it is in my bedroom, I have to sleep under a duvet, and pretty ones always catch my eye. I'm trying to persuade myself that this is an amazing investment, as being reversible  it's pratically two for the price of one. Mmm, not fooling you either am I?

Ted Baker are my go to brand for everything. My handbag is filled with their accessories range, so it's no surprise that I love their clothes and shoes too. The Lissome heels above are beautiful and again perfect for taking an outfit from drab and boring to sophisticated and polished.

To this day I have still not tried an O.P.I nail polish. I know, I know, I'm a nail art blogger. I do own one of their crackle polishes, but I have just never bought into their brand for some reason. Well, things are about to change, and this Pink beauty is the reason why. Aptly named 'I Theodore You' and part of the Oz Great and Powerful collaboration, this gorgeous pastel shade will definitely be purchased very, very soon.

My wishlist wouldn't be complete without a kitchen product, as let's face it, I love all things homewares. This beautiful dish is by Emma Bridgewater and is quite possibly the cutest dish I have ever laid my eyes on. I wouldn't even want to use it in case of the oven burning the bottom and ruining the heart pattern!

What do you think of my wishlist? Is there anything on there that you are lusting over too?

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  1. I love the heels! I've nominated you for the versatile blogger award all the info can be found on my blog post below! xx


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