Sunday, 7 April 2013

Nails on Sunday - Nails Inc Magnetic Polish

This week I decided to try out a magnetic nail polish instead of the usual nail art design with pens and different colours. I have a few magnetic nail polishes, mainly Barry M but I haven't really used any of them. I decided to try London Town by Nails Inc, purely because I love the formula of Nails Inc polishes - they dry and set quickly, they don't chip for a few days and generally their colours are super pigmented so you don't need more than two coats.

First I painted a top coat onto my nails, to smoothen out the finish and prevent the Bronze coloured London Town from staining my nails surface.

Usually I would show you a photo of my nails painted all in one colour, before starting on the art, but with magnetic nail polishes, you have to place the magnet over the nail immediately after painting it, whilst the polish is still wet. (Please excuse my chipped right hand, I have a weird method where I do each hand from start to finish before starting the other!)

In my opinion, the magnet is too small, as you can see that it hasn't really covered my whole thumb nail which leaves it looking unfinished and different to the rest. I also find the whole process pretty difficult, and it's a bit of a juggling act trying to paint the nail and them immediately put the nail polish brush back into the bottle and pick up the magnet whilst the nail is still wet. It's very fiddly and I kept having to apply another coat of nail polish as I didn't get to the nail in time and it would not magnetize.

Have you tried magnetic nail polishes before? Did you have better luck than me?


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  1. Love the effect of your nails x


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