Monday, 27 May 2013

Models Own Pukka Purple

For any girl that works in an office or spends her days at the mercy of a keyboard, you'll be familiar with chipped nails and repainting two or three times a week. This is me, and every third night or so, I'll curl up into bed all ready to turn out the light, and then realise that my nails need a fresh lick of polish. I love Essie and Nails Inc for their pigmentation, as anything that speeds up the process (one coat that looks great?) is a winner with me. However, Models Own are my absolute go to brand for affordable polishes, and their extensive range of beautiful colours always manages to catch my eye when walking into Boots.

Pukka Purple is nothing new to the market, it's part of their neon collection that came out earlier this year. It's just a gorgeous, gorgeous colour, so I thought it was about time I grabbed the camera and wrote up a blog post on it. It dries matte, and you only really need one coat then a good top coat afterwards to keep your talons in check. I don't personally like the matte look, so I use a glossy top coat to make my nails patent again.

In general, Models Own is a brilliant brand, and ticks all the boxes of a drugstore brand that you need in your life. Affordable - check, Diverse range - check, pretty colours - check, good quality - check. A few other favourites that spring to mind are Utopia, Blueberry Muffin and Green Tea, so be sure to check those out too!

Do you own any Models Own polishes? Which is your fave? 


  1. really want to try this collection, they look lovely colours! xo

  2. I absolutely love Models Own! I was torn between the Neon set, the Pastels and the Glitters. This looks a brilliant colour! Thanks for the post and you've gained a new follower from me. :)

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