Sunday, 5 May 2013


This weekend my boyfriend and I ventured up the M6 to Liverpool for a shopping trip, night in Concert Square and brunch by the docks. I didn't take my big camera as my bag was already heavy enough and halfway through the day my arm was going dead from juggling shopping and my handbag! I can't go anywhere without taking a cheeky Instagram snap however, so here's the best from this weekend:

Journey essentials

Too much swatching!

I don't even have a "hard" name and Starbucks still never get it right!

Successful day's shopping (haul post tomorrow!) and the docks in the evening for dinner

Last minute essentials before heading back to the hotel to get ready for the night

Lunch at Albert Dock... mini burger sharing platter!

Heading back to the car to wave farewell to Liverpool and head to Cheshire Oaks

Quick trip to Cheshire Oaks Designer Village before grabbing an icecream and Starbucks iced latte to go and heading home.

It's been a brilliant weekend, and as you can see we had some beautiful weather! Sadly I will be in the office working tomorrow as I'm trying to save up my holidays and not waste them booking bank holidays off that I don't need, but I hope everyone has had a great weekend / has a great night tonight whatever you're up to!


  1. Liverpool looks interesting and Starbuck's always gets my name wrong. I started to give them fake names that are easy to spell and they still get it wrong. :'D

  2. Try having a name like Piya. Sometimes I just use a different name to save time.
    Whats that blue drink? it looks delicious!

  3. I've recently moved to Liverpool after visiting family for years, and I absolutely love it. Did you see super lamb banana? One of my favourite landmarks :) xx

    1. Oh no I didn't see it! Just googled it though, wish I had!


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