Friday, 10 May 2013

May Wishlist

Following on from my April favourites post the other day, here's the items I am currently lusting after. My final student loan day has been and gone, and I'm now awaiting my first full time pay check before I can purchase any of these goodies, so for now they are staying firmly on my wishlist and sadly not with a courier on their way to me. As always, every product is linked for your purchasing pleasure.

Since buying Essie Mojito Madness, I am loving all things Green at the minute! I have just made a sneaky purchase for OPI's Don't Mess With OPI, and everything I see in Green I am lusting after! This dress from Topshop has a gorgeous cut and I think it would be very flattering on.

I've mentioned lots of time before on this blog that I love statement necklaces. I think they are a really easy way to jazz up an outfit and bring it up to date, and I've been buying lots recently in a bid to bring my boring vests and sweaters into Spring with some neon and rose gold pops. This plaited number from Topshop ticks all of the boxes, White, Rose Gold, Silver and Statement, and the neon spiked baby is bang on trend so I'm sure you can see why both are firmly on my May wishlist.

In a bid to get healthy I have started jogging (I say started, I've only been once so far). I think motivation for me comes in the form of pretty sports clothing, and the Jack Wills cropped yoga pants and Highfield vest pictured above are the perfect solution. Once I own those, I will start exercising more regularly. (Hmm, I'm not fooling anyone here am I?)

You may by now be thinking "what on earth is that spikey brush in the middle of Hannah's wishlist?!". Well my friends, it is a product that I'm sure all of us girls need in our lives. A hairbrush cleaner, made by Philip B. Personally one of things I detest the most is removing the dead hair from my hairbrush, and I really dread doing it. Well, I can say goodbye to that with this brush, as it is as simple as running the stainless steel bristles through the hairbrush to remove build-up. Why haven't I already got this?!

I've been on the hunt for a new watch for a while now, and still haven't found "the one". I spotted this Komono peach rubber one on Asos, and I'll be honest, it could be a strong contender. I hadn't heard of the brand before, but going by the picture on the model, it looks the perfect size and I love the bright colour.

The final item to make it into the shortlisted products worthy enough of featuring on my blog is this gorgeous Diane Von Furstenburg iPhone case. It's available from Net-A-Porter for £40 and I love everything about it. The colours, the pattern... I want it now! (Veruca Salt moment!)

What do you think of my May wishlist?


  1. great picks! love the necklaces!
    very nice blog by the way :)

    kisses from Russia,

  2. The necklaces are amazing, i need more statement ones and the green dress is beautiful! xo

  3. Hairbrush cleaner, brilliant!!


  4. I hope the check comes in fast so you can get some of these wonderful items. Love your wish list dear. It's so nice to buy new work out gear, I think it really does help with motivation. xx


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