Thursday, 4 December 2014

Hand luggage essentials

I wouldn't categorise myself as a frequent flyer but I'm lucky enough to travel more than most. I'm no stranger to getting the travel bug and wanting to book a few days away from the rain and misery of the UK in winter! In 2014, I've visited some amazing cities this year (Milan, Prague and Berlin to name a few), and made some amazng memories in Ibiza and Gran Canaria over the summer.

I'm one of those strange people who LOVE packing. And when I say love, I mean LOVE packing. Give me a Mulberry travel wallet and an itinerary any day; I'll have my bags packed before you can tell me the airport we're flying from.

Okay, so I'll admit this picture was more of an Instagram overshare into my bag than actually showing the practicalities... but I was flying hand luggage only and wanted to make the most of my space ;)

The age old question of what to pack in your hand luggage remains, and despite a few seasonal variations (I like to squeeze a bikini in there for summer vacations in case my suitcase goes missing!), the same staples are always present when I'm zipping up that bag.

1.) Face wipes. These are essential... There's nothing better than taking off your makeup as soon as you're airborne to let your face breathe and stop the cabin pressure pushing make-up into your pores.

2.) Hand lotion. Personally I can't stand the air conditioning on board so I like to regularly slather this all over my hands and arms to keep myself moisturised!

3.) The largest bottle of water Boots will supply. I can't walk through an aiport departure lounge without popping into Boots and buying one or two or the litre bottles of Evian. Is it just me that gets really thirsty on board?

4.) A magazine. My attention span is short, so I need something to occupy me in between obligatory looking out of the window at take off and landing and munching on some overpriced snacks purchased from the air hostesses.

5.) Mini cosmetics. After removing your makeup and possibly napping during the flight, you're going to want to touch up your face upon arrival to ensure you look like Victoria Beckham landing in a new city! Remember all liquids need to be under 100ml to fly in your hand luggage, so buy a cheap plastic decanter set beforehand and save the misery of throwing away your new Chanel foundation at security! For tips on hand luggage allowances, check out Purple Parking's page here... trust me, it's useful!

6.) PASSPORT! Check, check and check again you have this before you leave. I find it best to invest in a travel wallet that will store your boarding passes, any tickets you need upon arrival, passport and money all in once place.

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