Wednesday, 1 May 2013


The last fortnight has been hectic to say the least. My final week of exams and university went so quick, but I managed to capture it on Instagram for you all! Now I finally have my life back (although I went straight into a graduate job on Monday!) I'm back on the diet, which means eating healthily and cutting out all of the rubbish you will see in the below photos, an excercise routine and more importantly... a massive shopping trip to Liverpool this weekend! 

Train journeys | Revision | My boyfriend had a fruit machine win!

"Study break" | Eton Mess | Essie Cascade Cool Polka Dots

Revision | Unbelievably good Oreo ice-cream! | Co-ordination

I love Coldpress drinks! | Unhealthy breakfast | Dominos delivery to the library!

First time trying Biscotti | Last few days of revision | 1am panic

Exams are over!

Lattes | Celebratory tapas on the sun terrace | Gorgeous weather

Cheeky trip to Eds Diner with the boy | Butterscoth milkshake <3 | Lush bubble bar

Bubble tea! | Pretty sunset | American goodies



  1. Love these pink polka dot nails :) x

  2. Great feed! All your posts are making me hungry haha!xx

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  3. I love the layout of your blog!


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