Sunday, 10 March 2013

Nails on Sunday - Tangerine Flowers

I am calling today's look tangerine flowers, and it is based on a bold floral nail art design but with a muted Grey backdrop.

The polishes I used in this tutorial are:

Rimmel London in 705 Tangy Tangerine
Rimmel London in 805 Grey Matter
Nails Inc Basil Street
Topshop Nail Art Pen in Pink
Models Own nail art pen in Fluorescent Pink
Models Own nail art pen in Black
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails top coat
Models Own 5 in 1 nail buffer

Firstly, file and buff your nails so they are an oval shape with a smooth finish. Apply one coat of Nails Inc Basil Street as your top coat, to smoothen out the nail and prevent any staining.

The second step is to paint two coats of the Grey nail polish, I used Rimmel London in 805 Grey Matter.

Using a peachy colour, lightly spot three circles onto each nail. Do not use too much nail polish as it will become too thick and heavy and take too long to dry.

Then, using a Black nail art pen, I used my Models Own one, draw semi circles around the side of the nails and a few smaller dots or lines on top of the Orange circles, to resemble the top view of a flower.

If I'm honest this was my favourite stage and I wish I hadn't painted the Pink over the top as I think this looks a lot better. But, I did it so I'll show you anyway and let you make up your own minds. 

My Pink pen had gone a little gloopy so it was hard to paint to second semi-circles without them looking messy. The consistency varied, in some places it applied a thick and heavy coat, and in others I really had to squeeze the pen to even get a light coat out of it. 

To finish off this look, wait until the nails are fully dry and apply one coat of a clear top coat nail polish. I used Sally Hansen Hard as Nails as it keeps my nails strong and chip free for a few days.

What do you think of this look? Do you prefer it without the Pink like me?



  1. Those nails look fabulous darling, great design!

    Elizabeth Daisy x

  2. This is such a pretty look!! I love Basil Street x

  3. I really wish I had the patience (and the nails) to experiment more with varnishes! These look lovely :)
    Megan xxx

  4. Oh wow, they're so pretty and look really professional! xo

  5. These are so cute!!! So easy to make too xx

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  6. These look lovely! I find it hard to do these intricate designs because I have ridiculously small nails. It's like I'm a squirrel or something... Haha xx

    Vicki x

  7. These look lovely, I keep meaning to get back into nail art!


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