Monday, 25 March 2013


Every trip to IKEA ends in the fast food cafe. Since the hotdogs are unavailable after the horse meat scandal - ice cream it was!

Love my new wallpaper on my iPad!

Coke addiction.

Birmingham International Fashion Week 2013

A beast of a burger at Jamie's Italian and cocktails for two at Las Iguanas

A few snaps from London (I'll do a full post soon - way too many photos!). Just a quick note - how amazing is this drinks machine in Burger King, Leicester Sq?

Catching up on YouTube videos and a Nandos with the boyfriend before seeing Side Effects at the cinema

My dissertation is finished!

Chilled out Saturday before the revision begins...

Saturday night. My life is WILD.



  1. That food looks tasty! Who doesn't love IKEA! Have the meatballs been stopped too?! I love these posts :D
    Would love for you to check my blog out when you have a minute?

  2. That is a whole load of coke!
    I love the hot dogs in IKEA, so sad that they are involved in the horse meat scandal :( xx


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