Monday, 18 March 2013

Mid-March Wishlist

With my dissertation due date looming and the end of university in sight, March has been a crazily busy month for me. For that reason, I kind of missed the boat with my monthly favourites and wishlist post, but there a few things (well, more than a few) that I am lusting over so I thought I would share with you my current wishlist anyway.
Everything is linked if you just hover over the slightly bolder product descriptions.

First up are these gorgeous bracelets from H&M. At £6.99 for this pack of three, they're really cheap and I love the Gold detailing on them. Paired with the watch below, I think they're a perfect addition to any Spring/Summer outfit and really brighten up your look. 

I have to say, this Michael Kors watch isn't really in my budget at the moment (£229), but I have completely fallen in love with and I absolutely love the White and the Gold together.

I'm probably the last blogger to jump onto the Barry M Gelly nail polishes bandwagon, and despite lusting over Lychee and Prickly Pear, it is Blue Plum that has caught my eye the most and will be placed firmly into my basket next time I make a trip to Boots!

Sticking with the nail polish theme, I spotted this O.P.I Euro Centrale mini nail polish set on ASOS and am loving all four colours! It's not that often that I find a compendium or set where I like every colour, but for this I definitely do! Think summer days wearing White with tanned skin, and your nails painted in these bright beauties... Eeek hurry up summer!

You might be able to tell by now if you are clicking through these links that I am a little bit of an ASOS addict. Only a little bit. Well, maybe a lot. I saw these beautiful Bertie boots on there the other day and immediately clipped them to Polyvore to add to my wishlist. Made from moc-croc leather and available in both Taupe and Black, I think these are another essential for those British summertime days where the weather is not so favourable.

The last item that I have been restraining myself not to buy in the last few days is this Bright Yellow Zara bag.
 It's only £39.99 which I consider very reasonable for a bag and I can already picture it on my arm! Trouble is, I have already bought two new handbags in the last month and my boyfriend ever so kindly bought me the Brown leather Harrods one from my last wishlist. So for now at least, I can't justify buying it. That said, a girl can never have too many handbags, can she?

What do you think of my wishlist items?


  1. The watch, nail polishes and handbag are gorgeous! The rest is too but those bits stick out most for me! Love these posts :) x

  2. Great wishlist and good luck with uni :)

  3. I really do love the watch! I've been wanting a gorgeous gold watch to match up with bracelets for the longest but I really don't want an expensive one, just one for show. I keep looking in thrift stores for the best one! Great picks!!


  4. Oooh that yellow bag is gorgeous. Zara have such lovely things xx

  5. The Zara bag is so gorgeous and such a good price! The Zara bags are always such good quality and the prices are so good for the quality you get! I've been lusting after a Michael Kors watch for a while too but I'm yet to convince myself it's okay to spend that much on one watch! :p

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  6. I love the H&M bracelets, beautiful bright colours for spring :)

    Hazel X

  7. Hey hun, just letting you know i'v nominated you for a Liebster award over on my blog:


  8. I have the same nail varnish on my wish list! Want to get the nude one too.


  9. I'm in love with the watch and bag!

    Samantha xo | SamanthaLusts


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