Friday, 8 March 2013

Mexican night!

As a dissertation / revision / study break, my best friend hosted a Mexican night.

Think fajitas, margaritas, tacos, mojitos..   you name it, we had it.

If you want to host your own, here's what you will need...


A bottle of Barcadi (or other White rum)
Fresh limes
Brown sugar
Mint leaves
Ice cubes (preferably crushed if you can)
Soda water

In a tall tumbler glass, squeeze the fresh lime and muddle (mix) in the brown sugar. Or (as my friend did to save time on the night) boil hot water beforehand and mix in Brown sugar to create sugar syrup. Leave this to cool in a jug and that will do the trick just as well. Snap off a few mint leaves and mix in, before adding a double shot (50ml here in the UK) of Bacardi. Top with crushed ice and soda water and stick a spoon into the glass to mix all of the flavours together. Voila! Mojito time anyone?


Minced beef
Taco seasoning
Taco shells

Grate your cheese into a bowl and empty your salsa into a ramekin. Fry the raw mince until it turns brown, whilst (in a seperate frying pan) frying your sliced peppers. Add in the taco seasoning to both the peppers and the beef and season to taste with salt and pepper. Shove your taco shells in the grill for a few minutes to make them more flexible and then serve everything up in separate dishes - This way your guests can help themselves and add whichever toppings they wish.


Raw chicken
Fajita seasoning
Creme Fraiche / Soured Cream
Tortilla wraps

Fry your raw chicken until it turns White, then add in the fajita seasoning. Cut up the peppers and fry for a few minutes. Empty your salsa and creme fraiche / soured cream into ramekins and heat the tortilla wraps under the grill for a few minutes to warm them slightly. Serve the chicken and peppers in seperate dishes and put the wraps onto a plate to allow your guests to help themselves.


Triple Sec (or Cointreau)
Fresh limes
Cocktail shaker

Pour one shot (25ml) of Tequila, one shot of Triple Sec and one shot of freshly squeezed lime juice into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Pour salt out onto a saucer or other small dish and using one of the squeezed limes, run it around the rim of your martini glass to dampen it. Turn the glass upside down and push into the salt so that it lines the rim. Pour the cocktail mix from the shaker into the glass and garnish with a lime wedge.


Tortilla chips
Soured Cream

Nachos are easier to make than cheese on toast. Firstly grate your cheese onto a plate. You will need enough to cover an ovendish's worth of nachos. Then, fill an oven dish or baking tray with tortilla chips and pour the cheese over the top. Grill for a few minutes before topping with salsa, soured cream and  guacamole. This is a messy dish so if you want to avoid having lots of hands dipping into one dish, serve with two large spoons to allow each guest to take some for themselves.

I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post, let me know if you like Mexican food as well!



  1. I'm now about to start scratting around for limes and rum x Becky

  2. omgosh wow all this stuff looks so good!
    hope you'll visit back

  3. Can totally relate to the much needed dissertation breaks! Mmm you’ve made me so hungry looking at all of this haha! Mojitos are definitely the besssttt cocktail! Yummy!
    Now following xx

  4. This has made me so hungry. Mexican food is the BEST!


  5. This is AMAZING! Mexican is definitely my favourite mmm :) I might pinch your idea and organise a Mexican night this weekend! Being on the mojitos!! Xxx


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