Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Present Idea - The Gift Jar

Heeey guys!

I first saw the idea for a 'gift jar' on Emily Charlotte's blog, and completely fell head over heels for it. It is such a unique and personal gift approach, and is something I would absolutely love to receive myself!

With my best friend's birthday coming up, I just knew that this would be the perfect occasion to design and build a gift jar.

I started off by purchasing a 1.5 litre clip top Kilner jar. I love Kilner as it looks so retro and is known for it's quality. You can buy these here for £3.98. I then set out to find some fabulous miniature gifts to fill it.

First on my list was a mini Stawberry shower gel and Shea Butter soap bar from The Body Shop. Both of these smell gorgeous and were the perfect size to fit. These only cost £2.00 each so they were perfectly within budget for the gift jar.

I then decided to continue with the pampering theme and pick up a Montagne Jeunesse face mask (£1.00) and some exfoliating gloves (£2.00).

Now onto the 'treat' part, as I had already purchased the vital ingredients for a girly sleepover or a perfect night in, I thought it would not be complete without a bottle of wine and some chocolates! I bought a small bottle of Merlot (£2.00) and some Charbonnel et Walker Cocoa dusted milk chocolate truffles for £4.00 in Selfridges. (My fave!)

Then it was assembly time. I put the wine in the centre as it was the tallest item, and then slotted all of the other gifts around it. I kept the Orange gingham check paper that came in the jar on the lid as I thought it looked pretty. To add a more personal touch, I decided to write 'Mide's Perfect Night In' with a Silver Sharpie onto a Pink Post-It note and sellotape it to the front.

 Just before I wrapped the present I also popped in a Yankee Candle Votive in Clean Cotton, but I forgot to photograph it before giving it to my friend!

What do you think of this gift idea? Is it something you would like to create / receive?



  1. This is so cool! It's me and my sisters birthday soon, I think this has given me some ideas! X

  2. what an amazing idea! love it, defo going to make one :D x

  3. That is such a good idea! Going to make one soon! x

  4. ohhh this is such a cute idea :') I have lots of peoples bdays coming up!

  5. I am going to use this idea but transform it for valentines day! Brilliant idea! x

  6. This is such a pretty idea!


  7. Such a cool and unusual idea, love it!

  8. It's a great idea my mom would love this!

  9. This is beyond cute! Definitely trying this next time I'm stuck for gifts :)

    Lela -

  10. I love this so much, it's the perfect idea for friends!

    Definitely doing this for all my friends this year!

  11. This is such a lovely gift idea and one that I would love to receive! X

  12. Love this!


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