Saturday, 12 January 2013

Saturday Saving

Hello guys!

Saturdays for me are usually spent dragging my boyfriend around the high street so that I can fulfil my shopping addiction. This weekend however, I am trying as hard as I can to restrain myself. I am off to Dublin on Wednesday and desperately attempting to save up some money so I can have the best time possible whilst I am in the Irish capital. Note to self: spending an evening on ASOS, Net-a-Porter and does not count as restraint. 

So, in a bid to make a few extra pennies I decided to dig out all of the things I haven't worn in a while (I still have four boxes which remain unopened from when I moved into my apartment in July.. eek) and put them onto eBay!

This has basically taken up my entire night so I haven't had time to do the nail art I was planning to blog about this evening! Who knew that photographing clothes and accessories and listing their auctions was so time consuming?!

Here comes the shameless plug. If you would like to check out any of the bits I have listed then you can find my seller profile by clicking here. In my eyes there are some great bargains to be had here, as half of the things are brand new and I've listed at a fraction of what I paid for them. (Second note to self: Start wearing the clothes I buy!)

Sorry this has been a bit of a rubbish post for today, I will do my nails tonight and I promise to upload the pictures in the morning! Hope you are all having better weekends than me and buying lots of lovely things!


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