Thursday, 24 January 2013

ASOS Haul!

Yesterday I received my daily ASOS newsletter email, and to my absolute delight, they were offering 25% Student Discount for 48 hours. Excellent, I thought, as I spent the whole of my day at work thinking about what I wanted to purchase.

When 5:30pm struck and work was over for the day, I rushed home to my apartment and immediately signed into ASOS to start my shopping spree. Unfortunately a lot of my saved items were now out of stock in my size, so I didn't end up getting everything I had planned.

Here's the beauties that I did pick up:

This gorgeous Black mock croc satchel was only £14.99!
You can take a peek at it here. I bought a Blue coat last week in Dublin ready to take to Venice and realised that my Purple Longchamp bag clashes (and not in a good way) so I thought this was ideal for my upcoming trip.

I fell in love with these cute gloves, and I love that the bow contrasts against the knit.
These were another bargain purchase at only £6, if you want to take a pick you can find them here.

I saw this dress and wasn't 100% sure on it at first because I always find that dresses look completely different to their fit on the models when you receive them. It looks beautiful on the website but I was apprehensive about the sweetheart cut and their fabric quality, but decided that for £25.00, it was worth trying it anyway. I'm so happy that I did because I love the dress, the material is quite thick and stretchy and the cut and length are perfect. Another Venice essential, I think! 

If you want to check out this dress, you can find it here. I bought a size 10, I'm 5"7 and the length comes just above my knees.

The last thing I picked up yesterday was this Bourjois 'Magic' Nail Polish Remover. I have seen numerous blogger's reviews about this product, and being a nail polish / art fanatic, I just had to try it out for myself.

What do you think of my haul? Did you buy anything with the ASOS 25% student discount offer?



  1. THAT BAG!

    What a beaut!

    Love the sweetheart neckline on your dress!


  2. You got some gorgeous things! I did exactly the same when I saw the student discount offer, I only got one item however, as I have spent far too much this month already, oops! haha! x

  3. I love the gloves so much! So cute <3 and the dress too ^^

    Please feel free to join my giveaway : $80 MsDressy Gift Voucher

  4. Nice bag! Love a delivery:)

    Chloe xo

  5. Love asos! I really want to try that nail polish remover! x

  6. that bag is so pretty, bargain! And about my furry nails; it feels a bit like fuzzy felt I used to play with when I was a kid. A lot of my friends felt it and thought it was too weird, but I can't stop stroking it haha :)

  7. You bought some lovely things, i especially like the glove's they are really cute x

  8. oh my gosh i am loving the items you picked up esp. that dress! gosh i might just have to oder it myself! love the neckline so much!
    xx rae

  9. I freaking love ASOS but they're ruining my life right now! Love your blog, would really appreciate it if you checked out mine :)


  10. I love love love that dress! Absolutely stunning x


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