Saturday, 1 December 2012

Asos Haul!

As you may or may not have seen in my previous post, I recently completed a series of challenges on Yourvine to win a £250.00 Asos voucher, and was lucky enough to be one of the 50 people to win the top prize! There were five challenges in total, and you had to complete each challenge successfully to pass onto the next stage. The first reward was a 20% discount code, which you could redeem by sharing one of the Asos 'bestnightever' campaign videos onto your facebook profile. The number of winners on each level decreases as you pass through the stages, resulting in a challenge of creating four giftlists for friends and family and submitting them before anyone else to win the £250.00 voucher.

Here's what I bought..

ASOS - Black Coat - £90.00

Mango Chunky Sweater - Black / White Sparkle - £22.99

Nails Inc - Magnetic Effect  'London Town' - £11.00 

Barry M - Rose Quartz Glitter - £2.99

ASOS - Sheer Navy Shirt - £30.00

ASOS - Skull Mosaic Print Top - £18.00

I bought a few other goodies for my boyfriend and friends. Unfortunately the Nails Inc polish had leaked by the time it was delivered so I'll be making to do with the Rose Quartz Glitter for now.

I'm undecided on the coat, it is a lot longer than I thought and almost goes past my knees. I'm thinking of swapping it for a Barbour waxed jacket and paying the extra. What do you think?

Hannah xxx


  1. oh I'm so jealous! well done :) that last top is pretty cool
    - ordaining serendipity

  2. i love ASOS that first jacket is perfection.

  3. Congratulations youve picked some great pieces- nice to read a blog written by a blogger who entered, Ive subscibed :)


  4. Great haul post. I might start doing these also! Come check out my blog and tell me what you think! I'm pretty new to blogging so I don't know much about it yet.


  5. Wow, well done on winning, I am beyond jealous, free money to spend on ASOS?! That is like the dream!! :)

    PS did you swap the coat for the barbour jacket?

    Janine xx
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