Friday, 14 December 2012

Stocking Filler Guide

11 Sleeps 'till Christmas !

I thought I would put together a little stocking guide for those stuck in a rut of buying sweets and travel sized cosmetics to go into stockings.

Gifts Featured

For anyone with an iPhone and a love of Ted Baker, this iPhone case is a must! Crafted from a beautiful 'Eudora Sequin' print with a Gold Ted Baker plaque, this makes a brilliant stocking filler. Find it here.

'Fun' by Lush is essentially play-doh for the bath! A product of a thousand uses, Fun really lives up to it's name. After pinching off a small part of the bar, it can be used as bubble bath, a shampoo, lathered up as shower gel or even crumbled to hand-wash clothes with. These cute bars come in five different colours and are priced at only £5.00 each.

Candy Canes are the key to any great stocking. Whether you prefer the real Peppermint sweets or Philosophy's sweet lipgloss version, these are essential for any well stuffed stocking.

A Christmas manicure in a bottle! At only £13.00, Nails Inc Magnetic Polish in Shaftesbury creates beautiful Emerald Green nails which turn into a 'swirly' effect when the magnetic lid is hovered over the nail.

All I can say is, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Love Actually. Grab a copy here for only £3.00!

This fur headband is perfect for those freezing winter days, and would look great with the Barbour jacket featured in my Christmas Gift Guide in yesterday's post. The one I have chosen for this post is from Jack Wills, but I have also seen similar from ASOS and Debenhams.

For any Chocolate lovers... Charbonnel Et Walker are the cream of the crop. Beautifully packaged and absolutely delicious, you can buy these Dark Chocolate Rose and Violet truffles here.

I spent ages trying to track down the perfect 'H' initial necklace and along the way found so many which either look tacky or were horrendously expensive. Just as I was about to give up my search, I stumbled across this sterling Silver Jack Wills initial charm. Priced at £29.50 for the charm (you can pick up a silver necklace practically anywhere if you don't already have one), this is just the right size and looks great as an everyday staple necklace.

Lush's Snow Fairy Star Wand is a solid version of Lush's bestselling Snow Fairy shower gel, and at £4.99 makes a great stocking filler. Whirl this around a bath for a bubble paradise then re-use it again, again, and again.

That's all for my stocking filler guide, I hope you enjoyed reading it and it has possibly given you some good ideas or starting points?

I would love to know what is on your Christmas lists this year?



  1. I love that iPhone case! Seriously lusting now.

  2. This is such a great post, I always find stocking fillers the hardest to think of! I love love actually so much :)
    Love Holly x


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